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Good Blog Post on TLC's Sister Wives

This blog post was kind of cute regarding Kody's family and TLC's Sister Wives. She makes points I guess most women think about. Funny thing... 10 years ago there would have never been this type of "water cooler" conversation going on about polygamy. Seems like "pligs" are getting less and less scary everyday! Pop over to her blog and leave a comment.

To watch TLC's show Sister Wives is to fall in love with the idea of polygamy. If you are in the least bit open minded, this family where all these women help and love one another seems pretty idyllic.

I mean, yes, there is the whole sharing your husband sexually issue, which is less than enticing for many, but once you get past that, the idea is really alluring. In the show, which has the second season premiering on March 13 on TLC at 9/8 c, the women do not talk much about sex, but rather about the benefits. And there are many.

It is so nice to imagine a family in which each person can really play to their strengths. One woman cooks, another cleans, Someone else works outside the home and another takes care of the children. Nice, eh?

Of course, I can't help but watch the show and wonder if they engage in group sex. But given their religious beliefs, I kind of doubt it.

As much as I want to keep an open mind and believe that these people are as happy as they say they are, I also think it takes a very special kind of person to overcome the insecurities and jealousies that might arise.

I am all for varying definitions of marriage and certainly support the idea that consenting adults should be allowed to have whatever kind of marriage they see fit, but it is hard to imagine it working. That said, I have changed a lot in the past eight years since I married my husband. We were engaged when I was 24 and still very immature. I used to get jealous when he had lunch with a co-worker.

Now, 8 years and two kids later, I would love some extra hands to help in our family and would probably gladly allow my husband nights with another woman to get it. Of course, the reality of that might feel different. Imagining my husband off in another bedroom, intimate with another woman in the same way he is intimate with me is making me a little quivery right now, so maybe I am not as evolved as I thought.

Drat! It really sounds so excellent in so many other ways. Polygamy would probably not work for everyone. Then again, the women on the show were mostly raised in polygamy, so for them, perhaps it is less of a leap.

Could you ever be in a polygamous marriage?



I just wanted to say that the love that your whole family has for one another is very contagious. You are all amazing people and you raise your children with all the love you have to give. You instill get family values as well as great godly values in them. They all seem very happy and know nothing of being “step” sisters or brothers. You are all one big family and the things you are doing are to be commended, not condemned. What give people the right to decide how many wives or husbands you can have? I believe that you live life the way you see fit and you raise your children in the best way that you know how. No one tells you how to raise your children, why should they tell you who you can and cannot love? Although I am not a polygamist, I am truly inspired by your family and the leap of faith you all have taken. I believe that god will catch you all safe in his arms. Disregard all the negativity that surrounds you and embrace the people across the entire world who have fallen in love with you and your family. I know that I personally do not know you, but I feel if we ever met, I would embrace you like I have known you all of my life! I hope this post finds you all well and I hope it reinforces how much of a positive impact you are having on this world.


hi nice to meet you


wish u enjoy your life



We live in a plural marriage. I have been with my husband for 13 years and we have lived in plural marriage for 6 of the years. Of the 3 of us, not one of us was raised in polygamy. The most we had was that some far and distant relatives of mine were mormon, but not polygamous. Me and my husband always new that we would want another woman in our lives. It was not completely planned but most defiantly not rejected either. Of course there are jealousies that have come up, but with patience and communication these small issues can easily be resolved. I love the family that we have made and would not change it for the world.

Sisters function as safety


Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other. sister quotes



Like you I think I would enjoy the help/helping sister wives I think I would enjoy helping & the kinship & closeness that comes from that lifestyle choice
. I am strong enough in who I am that I could share without it bothering me & would welcome the opportunity. Watch the show faithfully and love love love this family!!! Making their own path while keeping integrity honesty & love of family alive & first! Think they are awsome & admire what they doing for them & their families! Good freaking folks. :)


Sister Wives Not So Idyllic


"To watch TLC's show Sister Wives is to fall in love with the idea of polygamy. If you are in the least bit open minded, this family where all these women help and love one another seems pretty idyllic."


I totally disagree with this statement. And I am *extremely open minded.*

Any advantages of having sister wives was eliminated when they decided to live in four separate homes. The Browns/Sullivans do not function as one cohesive unit, but rather four separate families. The husband, Kody is physically and mentally absent as a father and a husband. The wives all appear to be suffering from depression and loneliness. And nobody is setting a good example for the children on work ethic and fiscal responsibility.

Meri, the first wife, is extremely condescending to her sister wives. She is self absorbed, passive-aggressive and disingenuous. She claimed that for the sake of "fairness" of all things, that she is entitled to a home the same size as her sister wives. She takes no consideration for the fact that taking 1/4 of the family's resources is extremely selfish, when her home only needs to shelter 1-2/22 family members.
She uses her infertility as a weapon against the other wives. She cries about how many kids she wanted while discussing the distribution of housing. As if that has ANYTHING to do with the number of bedrooms she needs in her house.

Meri's sister wife Robyn offered to carry a child for Kody and Meri, but Meri has yet to give her an answer, a solid year later. Obviously at Meris age(41), if she desired to have a child, she would not have delayed it. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree, when Kody suggested to her that "maybe you're waiting until we get in the homes to decide?" As if! She just wants all of those bedrooms BEFORE she says NO to the surrogacy. How convenient.

She has no desire to have any more children. She only says she does. Her body language and behavior tell a different story. She doesn't want to admit that because then she can not use the infertility against her sister wives.

Janelle, the second wife, is smarter than the other members of the family and enjoys working. I feel she is being used by Kody, Meri and Robyn to pay the bills. I believe her desire to work was the primary reason that she was brought into the marriage. The Browns don't even attempt to conceal that speculation. Kody readily admitting that he and Janelle have a "business relationship." Janelle is too smart to be with these people. But with six kids, she is entangled. Considering her religious beliefs, that she is relying on Kody for her salvation, it is doubtful she will ever leave. It's very sad because she is a good woman and she deserves so much better than what Kody and the other wives offer her. I feel Christine is the only one who doesn't use Janelle. Christine looked after Janelle's six children, while Janelle worked. I feel that Christine and Janelle have the best relationship out of all of them.

Christine, the third wife, had her heart shattered when Kody took her sacred last wife position away from her. A position she had desired to be in, since childhood. Kody has yet to acknowledge this. Christine is left to deal her heartbreak on her own. She has reached out to Robyn and apologized for not being very welcoming to her. How sad is it that she was ever put in such a position. To apologize for her feelings over losing her happiness and marital stability. Kody emotionally abandoned Christine, while courting Robyn. She was carrying his child, when Kody and Robyn began to date. She did not welcome Robyn. Therefore, Robyn never should have been invited into the family. However, this family is all about Kody and making sure Kody has his needs met. Not about making sure that everyone has a say and everyones feelings are to be considered, which is what a healthy relationship looks like. Self absorbed Kody is ice cold to sweet Christine. He even embarrassed her by telling the nation how turned off he was by her, during some chip eating incident prior to the marriage. Kody has absolutely no respect for Christine. She has very low self esteem and is just happy when she gets any attention from him. Christine deserves a man who will eat gooey chips alongside her and get messy and sticky and kiss her on the nose and tell her that she is beautiful at all times!

I feel the fourth wife, Robyn married into the family for financial reasons. She was a single mom and she was openly resentful of having to work. She latched on to Kody and immediately quit working, milking off of her ex-husband, while concurrently bashing him and living off of Janelle's income. What kind of women would put down her children's father and try to make him look like a bad husband and father on television? Does she not realize that SHE chose to marry him and have kids with him? And that she is making her children feel terrible by putting down their father? She says in the Sister Wives opening scene that she feels the Browns/Sullivans were "like we should have all been together since the start." That is as if to say that her children shouldn't have the father that they do. That is extremely damaging to say about a child. You may regret having a child with someone, that is fine. But you do NOT say disparaging things about them and that you wish you had not had a child with them. That is as if to tell the child you wish they did not exist as they are. Robyn should really be ashamed of the things she says about her children and their father. I also noticed that she claimed that she believes in *always* having the spark stay alive in the marriage, much to her sister wives disagreement. That's easy to say when you're the new toy. But I couldn't help but notice that Robyn was unable to keep the spark in her first marriage. She is in no position to boast about how she believes in an ideal that she has already failed at.

Kody is extremely selfish. He uprooted his family, with two days notice, under the guise of religious persecution. His children have friendships, schoolmates, neighbors and teachers who they are bonded with and separating them without ample time to process the transition was abusive in my opinion. And it is abhorrent that anyone would use the guise of religious persecution to hide the fact that you're moving for selfish reasons. Religious persecution is an extremely serious and should not be used as a convenient excuse. Moving out of Utah would not change anything legally, so the Brown/Sullivan family can not claim they moved for any reason having to do with religious persecution. Kody later admitted that he had simply always wanted to live in Vegas and that was the true motivation for the relocation. Janelle was forced to quit her job to accommodate the sudden move. That left the Brown/Sullivan family relying solely on money from TLC, which is highly irresponsible. They nearly went broke during the move and acquired many expenses, including $6,000 for a rental the first month. In Vegas they rented our four large homes, wasting money and resources and separating the children from one another.

They claimed they were going to open a gym but they failed to follow through with that. They claimed they were going to become real estate agents but only lasted one day. They were going to sell jewelry, but their web site was down for several months and when it did work, it contained only a handful of items and they charged obnoxiously high shipping fees, more so than the items were worth and not in relation to actual shipping costs. They are involved in a multilevel marketing scheme. They sell some toxic looking green goo but above all else they sell the "business opportunity." Which is of course the hallmark of a MLM scheme. They don't have a legitimate jewelry business as far anyone can see, yet Robyn tweets how great the tax write offs will be. Which just confirmed my suspicion that the jewelery business was a tax umbrella.
The Browns have multiple bankruptcy filings, recent welfare usage and none of them have jobs. They're obviously living very extravagantly and irresponsibly. In stead of staying in Utah and using the TLC money to pay off their existing mortgage, they quickly fled to Kody's playground-Vegas and promptly spent through whatever money they had left-according to Janelle. They're wasting money on vacations, four large rentals, three additional utility bills, etc. They left stable income in Utah and housing to move to an economically depressed area that is #1 in forecloses.

The novelty of their show has long worn off. They claim they do the Sister Wives show to teach people about polygamy but have never once opened up about their reasons for living this way. And they certainly haven't set a good example of polygamy for people who know nothing of it.

I'd love to see a polygamous family on television that is setting a great example for their children, by working hard, paying their own bills, not relying on welfare, not relying on TLC. A polygamous family where the feelings of all are regularly discussed and consideration is taken to ensure that resources are fairly divided. A family where the women have genuine friendships. I am 110% for consenting adults being able to marry whom they chose. They could be marrying a same sex partner, a second wife, a second husband or even a cousin. I just want to be clear that it's not polygamy I take issue with.

I realize my response is very lengthy. If you've made it this far, wow! You're more patient that I! Thank you! for taking the time to read my thoughts.

I am married to sweetest, most caring and attentive husband.
We live in Sacramento, California.
"Judge not lest ye be judged."

Judge not lest ye be judged.