Seeking a couple to be my forever!(31, never married no kids)

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Seeking a couple to be my forever!(31, never married no kids)

I am looking for my Prince Charming and best friend/sister wife. I am not bi, would like to have kids, am Christian and looking for a family that isn't super conservative religious wise. Please message me if you are looking for someone like me and include some info about your family and a photo.

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I see that you have...


Had some fun after the first ad saying you were available. My advice will not seem particularly brilliant given that you have already had some negative experience but I will give it anyway.

Go slow and easy. Make sure to verify verify and then consider that it may be wise to Verify everything. Do not lie. Do not allow them to lie. Make sure that you are truely aware of why they are into polygamy and if it matches the why you wish polygamy. Talk to the woman asap. Do not be fobbed of with excuses. Talk to her be it on the phone or skype or whatever, do not mess about thinking that you are emailing "her". Make sure that you can be friends at very minimum before moving forward. These are people with whom you will potentially grow old. The relationship is kind of important.

Like I said, nothing brilliant at all but all of it true and necessary. Not just spouting off as a back seat polygamist or some such. Been there, done that and all my girls wear the tshirt so to speak.

It can be wonderful if done correctly. Good luck in your seach.


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How to send photos we new here


My wife in I from Texas vacation in oregon for a few days txt us if u interested we can send you pictures 817 779 0923

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It's not a dating site, so...


it's not set up for that

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Good afternoon! We are exploring polygamy and we came across your post. We have been married for 8 years and we are both established in our careers. We have 4 awesome children but we still feel like something is missing. We would love the chance to get to know you, if you are interested.

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Would you like living in the tropics of South Florida?


Hi Cass, We are a pale blonde mildy religious couple with blue eyes that live in South Florida
on the East Coast near the ocean.

Hopefully we can come and meet you and spend the weekend to see
if there is interest for you to join our family of two.

Life in the tropics is on a lake with two guest bedrooms including private
bathrooms and private solar heated swimming pool.

Looking forward to hearing from you, please send a picture. Big Hugs, Ric & Elle


new and searching
Homesteading family


Hello, we have been married 18 years and have 5 children ranging from 6-17 years old. We have a nice sized plot of land with small animals and grow crops using aquaponics. I don't know what you consider to "conservative religious wise". But we are Christians, and attend church every Sunday. We look and dress like most people but we don't smoke, drink, do drugs, and are straight. We hope to from you soon.



We love the fact you love kids, we want someone who wants more of her own as well....hope to hear from you soon

I'm interested 21 blonde


I'm interested let me know if you want to exchange cell numbers. I'm in the Pacific Northwest and I can send u pictures. Very interested in multiple wives. I make a very high income u can stay at home. 



Hope ever one Has a great day .

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Hello. we looking forever


Hello. we looking forever wife for my husband and a sister for me,we have been married for 32 yrs.

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Becuase of both of our jobs I would not want to post our pictures.  My husband is (37) and I am (30).  We have one young daughter.  I so want to find a sister wife to help raise a family with me.  I know in my heart it is right for me.  We attempt to live an active life style allthough our busy schedules can get in the way.  We love to hike, travel, go to local events and festivals, and love the outdoors.  We currently live in SoCal.  I love to learn about different religons and cultures, and was raised a Christian but my husband and I are not Christians.  We still have morals and hope to raise our family with principles.  If this still seems like a possibility for you please private message me, so we can communicate without worrying about this getting back to our jobs. -Lauren 


Hi there!


Sounds like we might be compatible. Here's a little bit about us.

Some of our shared hobbies include traveling/exploring (we've seen most of the states together), trying out new music, and restaurants/hole in the wall dives, cooking, hiking, biking, and kayaking on the Chattahoochee and Lake Acworth.

As a dancer I'm into all the other arts such as music/musical theater, theater, art and writing and would appreciate someone else who has a love for the arts. As a truck driver he's into...absolutely nothing to do with trucking. He loves to put holes in paper at a hundred feet, play video games that have to do with guns, magic, or space travel, read sci-fi novels, go biking on his recumbent bicycle, and kick ass in mixed martial arts. Some of my other creative hobbies include knitting, attempting to write a novel, and baking. His creative hobby is pretty much building mecs, dragons, and spaceships out of Lego.

Message us back if you think the three of us would click. Send a picture to us at and we'll send one back.

~Ashley and David