I am destined to be a best sister wife for the right family! Part 2

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I am destined to be a best sister wife for the right family! Part 2

Hello again,
I want to be the best sister wife for the right family. I am not jealous, but I am compassionate, energetic, bubbly, organized, committed, and athletic. I love children, but I don't have any of my own. That is not to say that I don't want them or to love my sister wives' children. I am on the East Coast but could live anywhere with the right family. I am not looking for something temporary, but lifelong. I love horseback riding, tea, traveling, country music, working with my hands, running, reading, the outdoors, volunteering at the hospital, and teaching dance classes. Contact me if you would like to talk more or want pictures. Talk to you soon!

P.S. I got a lot of feedback when I initially posted several months ago. After getting such negativity from several members on this site, I took a break. I am going to try again, so if you messaged or emailed me before, I am working on replying to them all. Feel free to message me again.

Hey there!


Hi! My name is Renee, and my husband and I have recently begun our quest in search of a sisterwife. So I found this website and your post caught our attention :) Would love to chat sometime. Our email address is family@rusticate.me



Hi there this is the wife. We'd like to get to know you, you sound like you might have a lot in common so e-mail if interested!

a reply


i'm a single male in the pacific northwest. i likely do not want any children either, so we are both probably a rare bread, being interested in polygamy and not wanting children really. i sent you a message too. but based on your message it seems like you are actually looking for someone who does want kids. i'm not quite sure. (:

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Contact us if your still looking


Contact me or my wife on here, look forward to us all chating....

Married couple


We are a married couple starting to look for our sisterwife. We have a lot on comments and would love to talk to you more!

Loving couple

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The original poster


Hasn't been here for 4 years and likely was a fake, scammer or gameplayer, anyway

Try actually looking at the post, before you post?

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Hi there!


You sound like you would be perfect for my love and I! Here is a little bit about us.

Some of his and my shared hobbies include traveling/exploring (we've seen most of the states together), trying out new music, and restaurants/hole in the wall dives, cooking, hiking, biking, and kayaking on the Chattahoochee and Lake Acworth.

As a dancer I'm into all the other arts such as music/musical theater, theater, art and writing and would appreciate someone else who has a love for the arts. As a truck driver he's into...absolutely nothing to do with trucking. He loves to put holes in paper at a hundred feet, play video games that have to do with guns, magic, or space travel, read sci-fi novels, go biking on his recumbent bicycle, and kick ass in mixed martial arts. Some of my other creative hobbies include knitting, attempting to write a novel, and baking. His creative hobby is pretty much building mecs, dragons, and spaceships out of Lego.

We hope to hear more about you soon and hopefully see if the three of us click.

~Ashley and David

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Looking for someone like you


Family looking for their sister wife. Building a home in the country with the aim of becoming totally self sufficient. Spiritual and attend a church but not fanatical. Have kids, 3 girls. Not able to have any more, in cae that is an issue. I (husband) am 62 and wife is 45. Children are 15, 12 and 9.

Not sure what you would like to know. Perhaps, you could just ask?? If you are interested.




I have PM'ed you