Seeking my true place

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Seeking my true place

First let me start by saying hello, 

    I'm seeking to find my place. I'm a mother of three kids and feel so lost. I have tried monogamy relationships but that is just not for me.I like the bond that is developed between a big family. Always there to support one another and to be best friends as well. I'm not sure whats out there so looking and hoping that something will come up. I know they say when trying to look to hard you can be blinded so taking it one day at a time.


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Welcome to the site. Good luck on your search and may God guide you on your way.


May the blessings of Heaven rest upon us

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Big family


Do you have race and age preferences? I'm of mixed heritage and have 5 children. A large family can bring much happiness.

Hello and welcome.


Welcome to the page. Hope you find your dream family. We have 7 kids and are looking for a sister wife.