Need guidance, feel stuck in a Monogamous relationship.

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Need guidance, feel stuck in a Monogamous relationship.

I'm 31 and I've been married for about 6 years now. I have a two year old son and a marriage that feels stagnant. We are like best friends that have sex and show love but i feel so unsatisfied and i can tell she does too. I want to go outside and vibe with a new person and fall in love all over again. Our marriage feels like an overread book and i want to read some more before i get old and die. I can tell she feels it too, I've caught her chatting with random men online to flirt and mingle over the internet. I used to get mad at her for it but now i dont even care anymore. I'm doing it too but i'm unfullfilled with it.

I want to do it for real without having to worry about monogamous codes of conduct and expectations. I can't do it of course unless she agreed. I've jokenly suggested it to her but she kinda gets irritated by it. Now she just gets like ya whatever its not funny anymore and moody. I want to talk about it to her, how i feel and how we should fix this unbearable urge im having for something new. But how should i even tell her? Thats quite a big thing to ask, I wouldn't be surprised if she just freaked out on me.  

So i'm left feeling trapped, lonely and deppressed. Like i've thrown away most of my youth. Obviously i'm in a midlife crisis. I don't even know what to say with what i want and how to make it work out polygamously. I'm sure im not alone either too and many of you have been feeling just like me and made it past this obstacle. 

What stories and guidance do you have to share with me about my pridacament?

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I built a motor


And it fell apart on startup. Want me to build one for you?

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If you


Don't fix and keep alive what you have all other relationships will be a repeat.
Problems in a relationship can be symptoms of lack in other areas of life.
Such has experience taught me.

The simpler the better.

Seek first to understand. Then, to be understood.

This is my husband's advice


This is my husband's advice (as someone who's practicing): polygamy is 100% not the answer to your problem. It's like you're trying to put Fix-a-Flat in the tire while the car is sitting in a ditch. If there's already the type of distance between the two of you that you're expressing, putting more strain on the relationship is absolutely not going to be successful. You need to fix this relationship before you even start to consider adding to the relationship.

I seriously doubt


That God would lead someone to polygamy to fix a bad marriage. Polygamy will destroy a bad marriage. Being religious is bad. The Pharisees were religious and Jesus was the exact opposite of religious.

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."