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    Msg me ;)

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    Hey message me

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    Hey i would like to get to know yall

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    Well goolleee, the troll was removed. Will wonders never cease? 

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    You feel free to disagree with truth. That's the wonderful thing about truth it remains truth even when people try to change truth into a lie.

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    Lucifer is the name that was used in a proverb to a king. That is biblical and I will believe the bible over the lies taught from the pulpits. You know nothing about me or my life before I was born again.

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    Our family would love to get to know more about you. We are looking to grow. We have children and look forward to having more. Must be animal lover.

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    Any opinion of the origins of the Bible that does not recognize the work/life of St. Jerome has got to be wanting.  It is true that some materials were gathered prior to Constantine and considered  "holy", such as letters of Paul and the Hebrew Old Testament.   Later, William Tyndale and Martin Luther did significant translation works, along with others generally considered less influential.

    Anyone taking a stand on a doctrinal issue of current concern, throwing dissmissive opinions about for whatever doesn't fit your doctrine, deserves questioning if not dissmissive opinions in return.  

    I like simple schematics of human progress/the works/words of God.  With focus on things that are relevant to understanding a simpler big picture.  If you just want to throw out spectacularly original views, perhaps we could get you a spot on Coast to Coast some night in the third hour of the program.....

    The Mormon schema of creation is at least logical in some respects..... we have always existed in some sense as a personage of comprehension/will (an "intelligence").  But to be here in this world we were first organized in a spiritual form as  a son/daughter of God, in His image, and lived with HIm for some time.  In coming to this Life/earth, we needed earthly parents to give us a physical body.   

    If we will obey the commands of God and live worthily, we may return to His presence.  If we do not, there are other conditions of post-mortal life commensurate with what we lived worthy to receive.

    God would never, never.... as in never ever..... break a covenant with His spiritual children to deprive them of their freedom or agency.  Thus, a character like "Lucifer" or a "Satan" is possible because of a choice of opposition/rebellion, as well as many kinds of other deviants/disobedients, both of "spiritual" or "mortal" form, or even post-mortal forms..... whatever they may be.

    The thing we should focus on is the teachings of Christ, and in following those teachings becoming more like our Heavenly parents, living worthy of all of the possible blessings God has to offer.....

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    I am not looking, I am happy of what I have. That is my two wives Missie and Danielle. I just want to meet other polygamist's and get to know them better. And maybe get together and have a picnic. This should be legalized in all 50 states.