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    Not sure if you have found anyone yet but my wife and I are looking for a second wife to join us in Indiana. Would love to talk to you

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    You cannot force another persons feelings, you can't MAKE someone love someone else more.  That is trying to manipulate her feelings toyour husband feel better.  She feels what she feels.

    Stop trying to make her a fantasy figure to suit your needs.  Let their relationship be what it is.

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    I am sorry your post got hijacked. At times some of the people on here are like the reporters on CNN or MSNBC. They sow fake news and discord to hide their lack of knowledge on the subject. I would be happy to discuss with you and your husband in a PM about what happened in our home from the jealousy and discord that came from my second wife. I normally don't share much about our life then but perhaps it will help you and your family.

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    Obviously you haven't read romans. Like I said I have provided chapter and verse in the past. Not going to provide again and not going to debate it either.

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    And nowhere does Romans say what you claim. You call me a liar, but refuse to provide chapter and verse???

    Attacking the messenger instead of the message is cowardly at best.

    Romans has to be about unnatural sex between a man and his wife, because nowhere is her leaving her husband mentioned, and there is no mention of another woman, AND women don't have the ability to have unnatural, non procreative sex with each other, which is what the old testament says men do "likewise" which IS a capital offense.

    I have never had ANY interest in sexual relationships with women, but I do love the truth, and it is God that defines sin, and truth, NOT man.

    You are no different then an anti poly person trying to push your will onto others, if you do not have scripture to stand on.

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    Last Comment to Pulto8 . What I find Funny is that you say I was not here when Blah blah blah Happened. In reality you have No idea . Also you have No possible way to know Who I Truly Am hehe or Who I have known and for how many yrs or if I have Been apart of this site before under another name such as your self either. You have No Clue as to Who I know In "Real" Life and How long HaHa ! Your just a Little little boy sitting behind a PC for hours upon Hours . That is Obvious due to the Amount of Time you enjoy thinking of me .
    Love you

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    Apparently I will NOT Put Anything On this Site that has Really any personal information about my Self do to people Such as your self !
    So you can just sit behind your PC and Twist and Twirl to your Hearts content ! I will personally Never Argue over Any Scripture so no sorry NOT !
    So you just continue on being PROUD Of your little ole LONELY Self ! GOD Already knows each of us ! And already knows your Thoughts before you Speak them . So all You Obviously want to do is Have a "Target" Even IF I ever truly agreed with you ( Still NOT Speaking Of Scripture) You would Just Continue to Twist and Twirl like a Flying Squirrel !
    As you are the Only "Person" on this Site that has Spent this Much Time Thinking and Writting to me ! You must Truly Like me ! :-) HA HA
    As to what I personally am really noticing in what you say sounds Like this to me
    So if you Love me as much as your showing by PostingParts of your Posts at or Posting Directly AT ME ! ALSO BY THREATENING ME PERSONALLY. THEN Wow You do tend to keep me in your Heart and Mind consistently !

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    Old and new testament make it plain. But like I told you before look it up yourself. Not having this debate again. This has been going on for years. If you want to have sexual relationships with a woman knock yourself out. But don't try to lie and say God is ok with it. I am not here to debate or do the work of providing the scriptures. I know it's an abomination but people answer to God not me. If you want me to provide the scriptures for you then pay me to be your pastor.

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    Chapter and verse to back up the claim would certainly be appropriate.

    The old testament says nothing about what women in a polygynous marriage can, or cannot do. Jesus only added one commandment, that we love one another, like He loved us.

    Paul would not have been adding to scripture, he knew better, so whatever he was referencing in Romans, that when the men do likewise deserves DEATH, had nothing to do with the private activities of WIVES in a poly marriage.
    The book of Al is not in the cannon.

    The Bible does say that the man was made for God, and the woman was made for the man. That is a strong enough indictment on lesbians, who are not under any man's authority. We don't need to twist, add to, or misapply scripture.

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    A person who have good experience in Poly life you can contact and talk about it no metter how much experience he/she have for it.Or go for thekidcollective because they help you in this metter.