Games are for Children

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Games are for Children

I know i am new to the forums, yet why are there so many people on here playing games! Real Couple and Families on here are searching for something real! My wife and i have been looking for another wife for awhile! Being rediculed and judged by everyone in our lives! If someone is obviously fake or playing games they should instantly be reported and deleted!!!! We wish for everyone to find their soulmates and for the Lord to bless your homes and your families! Be fruitful and multiply!!!!!

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Silly Wabbit


Tricks are for all the "female" fakes and players. It's endemic to the poly search situation. In fact excepting the plural wives of a few guys who used to be on this site, I don't think I've run into anything else in these last 17 years. I've only run into one girl who was serious and really wanted to join us, it was on a regular dating site, and she (22, very pretty girl) eventually admitted she had been raped and had HPV, after I told her an STD test was going to be required 

Psalm 144:1  Blessed be Yahweh my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight

games are fun.



I just don't believe in the idealized realities we imagine for what people should do or how to do it.  Of course everyone plays games, in various ways.  We make up ideas of what we want, but sometimes we need to change the idea we are following.

Playing games has always been a part of human learning, and always will be.

I see no reason to demand how anyone, real or fake, should do anything.  Enjoy to sport, understand the people.

I imagine most people coming here are experimenting about ideas of relationships, in every degree of interest/values you could imagine, and more even.  Don't assume you'll find anyone who is just what they think they are, as advertised..... treat anyone who will respond with care/respect even while being observant and careful and just move on when you need to.