I need to talk with someone expert about poly life

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I need to talk with someone expert about poly life

All right that's my problem, im sick of leaving a life of lies, hate, rules invented from other people, it's been long time that Im thinking about changing something in my life to be more happy and free, and now I met this girl and I falled in love istantly on the first sight, I never had problems with women not at all but I doesnt fall in love so often, but she's poly so at the first time that she had the other guy I freak out a lot.. I wuold like to talk with someone to understand how to can manage the situation and to understand better how to make the translaction with less pain, thank you to everybody and ill wait for some private message, and sorry for my english I tryed my best :)

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Terms and limitations.


You seem to be a guy "in love" w a girl who has another boyfriend. Unfortunately, you're on the wrong site.

In the greater poly community, there is polyandry (multiple men & women), polygyny (one man w multiple wives) & poly??? (one woman w multiple men). This site is entirely dedicated to polygyny, not the others since such relationships are deemed immoral by our Faith.


Actually polyandry


Is 1 woman 2 or more husbands. There are so many types of Polygamy makes your head spin. Most on here believe in polygyny. 1 man 2 or more wives. (Changed my post)

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