Senior Couple Seeking Sister

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Senior Couple Seeking Sister

We are a senior couple who is on the edge of retirement and we are looking for a sister to share our life.  We have been together for 30 years.  We are well educated and have a track record of solid decisions, which give us a emotionally and financially stable life.  Cheri enjoys gardening and doing crafts; Tom likes to build furniture and do remodling projects around the house.  Traveling with our RV if on our list following our retirement early next year.  Our kids are grown and living elsewhere.  The idea of adding a sister to our family came from watching a bit of TV and thinking of what it would be like to have another.  We are mature and realize that love is friendship that lasts, it is so much more than passion, though passion keeps the bond interesting.  We have a lot to offer in terms of a loving and stable life.

You are someone close to our age and life experience.  Staying active and healthy is important to you.  You have a history of solid relationships and good life decisions.  Sharing Cheri's interest in gardening and crafts is a plus, as is being able to handle a paint roller and brush to help Tom's projects.  You are emotionally healthy and would like to give GeoCaching a try.   If this describes you and you are interesting in sharing a home as a friend and a sister, drop us a note.