Fun Couple seeks Sisterwife to join Adventures

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Fun Couple seeks Sisterwife to join Adventures

Hello Everyone 

We're just another boring couple seeking a boring sisterwife

Juuuuust kidding!

We're seeking someone special to share our amazing life with as we begin the next, and biggest chapter so far!

Let me tell you a little about us:

My partner is 40, 6'2, muscular, and recently retired from a career as a Naval officer. He's intelligent, humorous, independent and a strong head of house.

I'm 25, 5'5, fit and energetic. I wear many hats, but am usually a housewife, dog-mum, yoga teacher and life long learner...more or less in that order.


Now let me tell you a little about our immediate future plans:

We will be moving the the Caribbean this spring (!!!!!)

We will be starting to start a family this year/next year!

We will be changing careers and readjusting everything

And we would love to do all this with a sisterwife in tow 


That's where you come in!

We're ideally seeking a sisterwife who:

Likes dogs (as we have dogs )

Is interested in having/raising children

Is active and enjoys spending time outside

Loves the sea...but come on, who doesn't?

Is ideally around my age (25)

enjoys (or thinks they would enjoy) adventuring

Is good-natured and good humored 

If that sounds like you, Send us a message!