Looking for a first wife

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Looking for a first wife

She: 20-35 Race not an issue. straight or Bi, good sense of humor, open mined, caring and respectful. Oh and a good cook!! :).

im 31 61'1 190lbs average biuld with a good senof humor, respectul, caring. i have one boy 11 years old. would like more. love kids. 

i do live in San Diego California. but i am hopful to find someone.

I don't want to discourage you.


99.9% of the women that join this site are seeking to be a second or third wife. The couples that believe in polygamy are finding it almost impossible to find someone so I doubt you will have much luck but I wish you the best in your journey and your search.

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There are many couples and even poly families here


Who have a lot to offer, a fine life, love, children, family, faith, and they never find another girl

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