Newly married couple looking for additional Coparent.

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Newly married couple looking for additional Coparent.

Newly married couple with first child on the way, sees the possible advantageous of finding one additional partner to have as a co-parrent, to assist in child rearing, pool resources, and family duties.  Both husband and wife are college educated, husband works full time as design engineer make decent salary ($60,000+). After child’s birth wife wants to start working again ($45,000+), both see an advantage to bringing in another dedicated partner and companion. 

Not looking for something temporary, but lifelong. Husband is turning 32 this year and is mixed race (from west Michigan), very logical, secular—raised protestant, laid back, and reserved. Wife is turning 28 this year and is African (from southern Cameroon), sassy, very athletic, spiritual—raised catholic, and people friendly. Wife would be open to romance as well as companionship, along with husband—with the right kind of woman.  This relationship would start off as a platonic freindship. 

Any race or religion welcome.  Open to women who are drug and disease free. Open to women who do not smoke. Only open to a woman between the ages of 25-35. Open to women who are mature and are seriously seeking a family to build and be a part of. Open to women who already has 1 child or cannot have children.  Prefer an educated women, but would be open to non-educated women who do not shy away from employment when children are of school age. Sorry, not open to women with mental health issues, severe self esteem issues, or take medication for anxiety or depression.

If interested, send a picture and short information about yourself, and what you would like out of a relationship.  Will repond with pictures in turn.