Poly family seeking a third wife

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Poly family seeking a third wife

I am the husband of 2 wives. We are looking for another women that might be interested in becoming a sister wife. We are very religious and our relationship with Christ is very important and should be important to anyone wanting to be part of our family. We don't mind if you have kids or if you would like to have kids. My kids from my 1st are 12 and 15. We home school them. My 2nd has a grownup daughter that is married. In our family God first family 2nd and job third. Many may be thinking that this is not real. But we are indeed real. I am looking for a women that is looking for a loving married relationship. A relationship that is for keeps. My first and I married in 1986. My 2nd and I have been married for over 4 years. I am about a committed relationship. This is based on biblical principles.

This is very biblical. If any that are interested but have serious reservations based on there Christian view I would love to communicate with you and discus this from a biblical principle. I am not Mormon. This is not about underage girls being forced into marriage. I think all people that do that should be in jail. This is really about more choices for you as women. I have never been divorced. I don't believe in it and Jesus says Moses allowed for it out of the hardness of hearts. By the way who wrote the first 5 books of the bible. Moses. And Moses had 2 wives.
Moses is the one that wrote the 2 becoming one flesh. Polygamy in the OT is throughout the book. And Jesus also said he has come to fulfill the law not to abolish it. So everything in the OT is still pertinent for us. If you take to time to really study the bible and I don't mean the English words. Look up original words. When Paul writes,' Bishops should be the husbands of one wife' look up the word for one MIA which means first so really it should be saying the husbands of the first wife or not divorced and even if it means one then a non bishop can have multiple wives. but when Paul writes of one God and One mediator in 1Tim2:5 he uses the word HEIS which means 1 and only 1. Look at 1Tim 5:9 where it talks about a widow of one ( Heis , meaning 1 and only 1) husband. then look at 1timothy 3:12 deacons the husbands of one ( mia,means first or a or one in order) this is just a small part. If you are interested in biblical truth I encourage you to spend time with an open heart and study.

I have been to churches that have said this was needed in the old testament time and is not needed in our modern time. Well Jesus himself said, 'I have come to fulfill the law not to abolish it. Not one word shall be touched from the law' 
Well with so many women raising children by themselves and this divorce rate in this country so high maybe having more choices for women would be beneficial. Really this is just about more choices. Like Dr Laura once said she could see being a 3rd wife to a good man rather than a 1st wife of a jerk. Listen I can certainly understand the problem you may have but if you are a Christian your ultimate goal should always being searching the truth. Bellow is a good friend who is also a polygamous please read. 

A moral issue! Polygamy at the doctors office!

The other day I was at the eye doctors and some TV show was on. They were speaking on how gay marriage would affect the crux of America and then went on to the fact that sense the US is allowing gay marriage it was only a matter of time before Polygamy was allowed. Well there were a LOT of older people there and they all started talking. 

They spoke of how our morals in America were going downhill and if polygamy was legalized we would just show how unmoral our country is! Well me never being one to shut up asked them, how are we moral now? They said well we have the bible. I told them you would still have the bible. They said that this is a Christian country and by legalizing PM we would be a muslim country. I said, how do you know we aren't already? , we help them and everything, so how do we differ from one. One man spoke up and said if polygamy was allowed Shiria law would be as well. I told him not likely unless we allow it. 

So I told them lets go back to the " this is a moral country argument". I told them that nowhere in this country is it moral. We have Abortions on the rise, people starving while we just walk by, men getting women pregnant and leaving them, our people kill and imprison each other more than any other place, we rush to judgment on people we see that do not fit the bill of how we think they should look, we let our government kill people in the name of freedom, yet we are moral? The room fell silent! 

So I went on to tell them that with polygamy at least we will have less children who are left fatherless, thus breaking a cycle! They will now know what it is like to have a father. Thus making it more likely they will stick around when they do have a child. It also teaches them responsibility. By having a father they will know how to be one as well as know how to treat a wife when they do have one!

Then one man said "But if this was a law all the men would go after young girls". I told him I will not deny some will, but most want a family and would rather be with the women who already have children. I also told him if polygamy were legalized men would have to act right and learn how to be a good man and a great husband, because if he wasn't he will know these women have other options, beyond being a single mother. Then he got quiet. 

I told them look it's not hard to see the real shape we are in. You cannot blame polygamy for that. It hasn't been allowed in America for a LONG time! I also told them that with the current divorce rate how could they say monogamy trumps polygamy?

So I then asked if anyone was there who has never been married. On lady answered "I have". So I said to her can you tell me that living all these years on this earth you are completely satisfied with not being married? She said "Well I am 90 so not much I can do about it now". I asked her though what if she was 25 again and polygamy was legal, knowing what she knows now would she marry into a polygamous relationship? She said "Well I guess, provided he was a good man and husband to me". So I asked her to imagine all the women who are still around 25 and older and may never get married without polygamy. I asked her would it be fair to have them be here alone at 90 knowing that they never got a chance to love because you or anyone else here felt that it isn't natural for your lives. She said "I have to agree, the pain of being alone was bad enough, now knowing at my age I am going to die alone is worse". ( I have to admit for even me that was surreal moment). She went on to say " I have seen a lot over the years. I have watched my friends get married, be loved and love back. I have seen their kids and the love given back and forth all the way to their great grandchildren. I have watched friends and their spouses pass away. I have seen them hurt from it, but so thankful at the same time that they had a chance to love them. I also seen how their Children and grandchildren talked about the love they had for them, how wise they were and how much better they were in life because of them." She got a little silent for a minute then said " But now I am old and I cannot take it back but if I could, I would live it in a heartbeat. I would also cherish the woman who let that man share his love with me and let me know what love and family is like. That would have been all I needed to complete me." 

No one was saying a thing because without really knowing the pain this ONE woman had felt, they really didn't know and to think of how many women have felt like that, currently do and one day will made a BIG difference in their perception. I told the lady thanks for talking about that. I wished her a good day and the doctor called me back and that was the end of it.

I am not sure what was said after I left. I am sure some weren't convinced, but I could tell by the way all the crap talking went to a hault, something sunk in. And that my friends, is what it is all about!

Remember you may not be able to change everyone's minds , but you can at least make them think and when you do that, well you have changed the whole thing!

Really this is simply about choices for you as women. What would you rather be married to. A man that is divorced or a man that believes God hates divorce. A man that believes in commitment, real commitment not until I want something else. I am a very conservative man that believes in following what the Bible says about how a family should be run. We live our lives based on Biblical principals. 
In Gods love


Thank you


Although I am Happily Married. I just Wanted to Thank you for sharing your experience.
I am in tears still after reading your experience in the Dr. Office! It is Very Surreal.
Again thank you for sharing this .
I will be sharing your experience if you don't mind ?

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Thanks for sharing that.


I think if more people would stop to think for just a moment and understand what the 90 year old understood the world would be a better place.


The simpler the better.

Seek first to understand. Then, to be understood.



I read everything love the picture I am interested in becoming apart Of A Family Like Yours I Read That You Don't Mind Someone Wanting Or Having Kids ...What About Race


bobbie lynne
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Thank You


Thank You so much for speaking out and validating our thoughts and feelings.  I hope and pray that someday I can find a family that is as inclusive as yours and that I find my place within that family.  I am a former 2nd wife whose husband tried to bring in a third and the third convinced him to leave the 1st and myself and he is now in a monogomous relationship with her alone.  I miss my sister wife.  The first wife and I no longer talk because the third wife and husband told her that if she talked to me she would no longer get to see her children that he has custody of so I walked away to let her have her children.  I would love to talk and get to know all of you.  I am always up for making friends who practice polygyny.  I am a catholic but fully believe that the poly life is where I am meant to be.  I hope you find who you are looking for and hope to chat and become friends.