Seeking my forever family...

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Seeking my forever family...

As you all know, so many factors go into finding the right new member of your family, and for that individual to find the right family match, it can be trying as well.  At 34 years old, I'm still searching.  I am fortunante enough to be independent and at this time no children, so I am be picky in my search, no need to waste the time of others if we don't agree on certain principles.  In any type of relationship, but specifically in the poly lifestyle, there are areas that you have to compromise for the good of the family.  Areas I am not willing to compromise are:

Traditional Values - Not every aspect of my life is traditional, but I strongly believe in the husband being the leader and head of the household.  While he needs to respect the opinions of his wife/wives, I was raised and believe the husband is the ultimate decision maker.  Additionally, it is important that my future husband meet and shake my fathers hand before starting my life with my forever family.  This is due to the respect I have for my family, and also a something I want as the foundation of my marriage to my husband.

Children - I want children and this is not something I am willing to compromise

Sexuality - I am not interested in any sexual relationship with a sisterwife/wives.  Intimacy is very private and is something I will only share with my husband.

Religion - While not a requirement for my future family, I do believe in God and am religious.  Not a bible thumper, and have had my struggles off and on with the church.  I still want the freedom to pray, read the bible, and on rare occasions go to church, even if my family does not consider itself religious. 

Aside from these 4 areas, I am open to all and respect all opinions at the very least.  If interested in knowing more, please let me know.  

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Welcome to the site!


What a great post!
You were articulate, reasonable, and specific in what you are searching for.
I hope you get responses that are as well thought out, and ultimately find all you hope for in a family.


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