Young Christian couple looking for second wife

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Young Christian couple looking for second wife


We are a 32 year old man and 27 year old woman who have been married four years. We have four children and are looking for a second wife to join our family. We are from the USA and Britain respectively, but currently live in Thailand. We are both passionate people, about God, and in general, and we believe in the Bible and try to live according to its teachings. My husband's is very outgoing, active, and passionate. He has a big heart for loving people and is very sensitive and expressive. He is a business owner and enjoys working out at the gym, riding motorbike, swimming and playing with the children, and helping people. I homeschool our children and am a part-time writer, and I am more of an introvert, not very girly or anything. I like to listen and love to read, sing and listen to music, write songs, do Bible time, baking and cooking. We both love to travel. We like to explore and have adventures together and as a family, to learn and play together. My husband is very generous and a good provider. He cares about me and any other future wife or wives being able to fulfil their goals, talents, business ideas, passions etc. with his encouragement and leadership. He is open to and desiring of more children, with me and with another wife. We work at following the biblical model of marriage with the wife in submission to the husband and the husband loving the wife sacrificially and this would be our expectation of anyone joining our family.

We have noticed already in the early days of our search that there are lots of couples looking and not as many people seeking to join a family..  Please email us at if you are interested or just want to talk to us.

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