Marriage license VS No Marriage license question

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Marriage license VS No Marriage license question

There have been times we wish we had never got a marriage license from the state. There seems to be pros and cons on both sides of getting a state licens. However I was wondering if anyone has gone to the extreem of getting rid of their state license via devorce and still stayed married in the eyes of God? We have tossed the idea around many times but not done anything yet. If someone was to do this how would the state deal with child support if you both still live together? and share cutody.  Any thoughts?


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In the eyes of Yahweh


The act of taking a biblically free woman in the sex act IS marriage. Yahweh wants girls to remain virgins until marriage and stay with the man who they marry. These marriages have a MUCH higher success rate than others, as we can attest, having been a team since High School. OK, divorce: Yahweh HATES divorce, and once you divorce a woman, you can NEVER take her back, it's finis/done. Conclusion: You do not need government approval for a marriage. You should not divorce a woman unless she has done unforgivable things   (you must decide what constitutes this, but cheating is one trigger for me) and you do not need to involve government in your life so don't do it. In fact legal marriage is a dangerous trap for men these days, a sure way to see your accumulated wealth stripped from you if she decides she's had enough. Pre nups do not work as advertised, they can be ignored or annuled by a court. If a girl desires me enough to join us, she will have to base the relationship on trust and love, alone

Psalm 144:1  Blessed be Yahweh my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight

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Marriage license, or lack thereof...


I'm pagan, so I am not tied to any of today's religions, nor any of the doctrines set forth by the "church".

The original form of marriage was polygamy and there wasn't any license or permission required. If a man wanted to take a woman to wife, he would ask her parents, or custodian, following a time of courtship.

The church decided later that having more than one wife was a sin, and put a limit on it. Though most people in power were allowed multiple concubines, if they had enough money.

I have gotten my credentials of ministry, and perform both legal marriages, and spiritual handfastings.

I will engage in the legal marriage with Elizabeth, as my first wife, merely to please the government's requirements. We are already committed to one another on the spiritual level.

I will also be handfasted to my sisterwives as they join our family because I require the ceremony, and we will also change their surname legally.

You can have children with multiple wives and give legal custody to each of you for tax purposes.

Unless there is court-ordered child support, it should not be an issue. All of the parents are responsible for ALL of the children.


bobbie lynne
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Marriage Licence/Divorce


in my experience with being a paralegal, if you choose to divorce and have a written and agreed upon custody and support plan then the judge will adhere to your agreement.  So if you go into it with a,  we are sharing joint custody and we are each equally responsible for the financial, health and welfare of the children and you both agree to those terms that is nine times out of ten how the court will decide.  

If every detail of the divorce is mutually agreeable then it is just a matter of waiting out the timeline from filing until dissolution.

Hope this helps

Bobbie Lynne

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Divorce isn't neccassary


Although it varies by state statutes. I know one couple who rescinded their state issued liscense and then went to court clerk and filed their intent to live as husband and wife. 

Court clerk had to call d.a. to ask if it was legal. It was confirmed it was. 

They are still recognized as husband and wife without the state involvelment.

If not involved with state welfare systems why be concerned about child support?

The simpler the better.

Seek first to understand. Then, to be understood.