Any good recipes for Hungarian goulash?

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Any good recipes for Hungarian goulash?

any good recipes for hungarian goulash? please help. Thanks. I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References



These are taken from the Hungarian Cookery Book, by Karoly Gundel, 1956. I found a copy in a library, and photocopied the recipes I wanted.

General notes: The recipes specify lard (pig fat). You can also use beef dripping, or ghee (clarified butter, used in Indian cooking.) I usually add various things: Potatoes. Use little baby ones, of the type you would use in a salad. They have a waxy texture. Floury potatoes disintegrate during cooking. Broad beans: I use frozen, when not in season. Thaw them out first by putting them in a bowl and pouring boiling water over. Add to the goulash half way through, or a little later. Chickpeas (Garbanzos) Mushrooms. Fry up separately and add at end.

Goulash de Luxe

1 kg (2 lbs) loin of beef   *350g (12 oz) onions   *400g  (14 oz) potatoes.   *50g (2 oz) fat   * one or two cloves crushed chopped garlic.   *salt   *a pinch of caraway seed   *2 green paprikas (sweet peppers)   *sliced fresh tomato   *10g (1/4 oz) paprika

Cut the beef into cubes, chop the onions fine, and fry until golden brown in the fat. Sprinkle a little salt onto the meat, put into the pan with the onions, and stew with the lid on for 30 mins. When the water evaporates, a little water or stock may be added. Cut the potatoes into cubes (if using baby potatoes, cut them in half), Add the caraway seed and the paprika. Pour in sufficient water to cover the meat. In summer, 2 green peppers, from which the seeds have been removed, may be added (all sliced). Bring to boil again until the potatoes are done

Marjoram Tokany

A note on the soured cream: the East European name for this is Smetana. Greek-style strained yoghurt also works. Before adding it, blend a tbs (or more) of fine flour with cold water, to make a kind of cream. Stir it into the cream or yoghurt.

On the smoked bacon: I omit this, as I prefer to use Spanish smoked paprika, for the smoky taste.

1 kg (2 lbs) beef   *300g (three) onions   *11 oz smoked bacon*100g (4 oz) fat  *200 ml white wine  250 ml soured cream.* one or two cloves crushed chopped garlic.   *salt   *marjoram   * pepper

Chop the onions and fry them in the fat, and fry until golden brown, add the paprika, and (if desired) the garlic Put in the meat, cut into long pieces, into the pan with them. Season with marjoram, pepper  and salt and stir in the wine.  When the meat is done, add the bacon, Add the soured cream and  cook till tender.