Love Times Three - A Great Book About A Modern Plural Family

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Love Times Three - A Great Book About A Modern Plural Family

The Darger family has been in the news a lot as of late and I have asked a couple of people to review their book "Love Times Three". While I am waiting for the reviews i wanted to share some links to information about their family and their book.

This is the main Darger Family Website which is packed full of information and stories

Their book "Love Times Three" is available at Amazon

Love Times Three

Please stop by their website and share some support!

AussieSam (not verified)
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I have just finished reading Love Time Three.

I do not come from a religious background, nor have I ever encountered a polygamist family before, but reading Love Times Three has given me a chance to feel a little of what a polygamist family feels. The good times, the bad times and the bits in between. Whilst reading this book (which I had trouble putting down), I laughed, cried, was angry and elated. Their family is no different to most modern families, despite there being 4 adults in a series of plural marriages.

For those who want to live in a polygamist relationship, this is the 'user manual' of a great family structure. One that most everyone should aspire to living.

I strongly recommend that everyone read this book, even those who have no intention of ever living the lifestyle.