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New Polygamy Dating site!

Hello everyone!

I would like to announce the launch of a new polygamy dating site!

www.SisterWives.Net has come online as of yesterday, 11/23/07. We're
still ironing out the bugs and trying to tidy things up, but we just
couldn't wait any longer to start letting people use the site to meet
and talk.

This is a full-featured dating site with search functions, profiles,
internal e-mail and forums!

Currently ALL access levels are FREE! That's right, completely FREE
for all features. No credit card needed. All you need is a valid
e-mail address!

Please drop on by and check it out! let us know what you think and
give us your suggestions for improving the site!

We look forward to seeing you there!


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Limited Use

Just an observation that we experienced a limitation of the number of messages that could be sent before we were locked out completely. This was rather unusual for a free site.

Please read the FAQ at the

Please read the FAQ at the bottom of the main page. It IS a free site, you probably just have a full mailbox and need to empty out old items. The FAQ explains all the reasons why you might not be able to send messages or post pictures etc.

So Far I like it

I just signed up and created a profile and it seems to be a pretty good site
T.D. Bennett

We noticed...

We noticed that this site is back up and running. There aren't many members but I don't think it's been up and running again for very long. Just thought I would pass on the information for other people seeking.

The site is down, any idea when it will be up?

When I clicked the link I got this:

"Unfortunately, we're currently experiencing the consequences of our own success. Namely, we overloaded the server we were on and the hosting company said “either shut it down or pay us lots and lots of money for a dedicated server!”."

Any ideas?

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No Idea

Hi MC ~

No, the site has been down for some time now, and I've not heard anything as to when it will be back up.

Would appreciate a heads-up over here when it comes back online.


We're BACK!

Sorry for the delay in updating this thread, but we are back online as of early May. We did lose our old user database, but everything should be smoother going forward. We have our own dedicated server which should avoid the problems of "overloading" that we had before, so come on back and check us out.

We are still working on some features, such as the chat and forums, but I hope to have those back online shortly!

Any questions, feel free to e-mail me at:


Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to drop a quick update and let you know that WWW.SisterWives.Net is still going strong and is actually growing quite fast (at least in my opinion!).

We very much welcome everyone's comments, suggestions and even complaints! Point in case is the issue with the "fake" users. I (as the site owner) can confirm that when I first brought the site online there were several accounts included with the software that were not real. Someone brought them to my attention, and I deleted them. It may seem strange that I had to have a user point them out to me, but it was really a case of me still learning the software and just not getting there yet.

Anyway, I hope that everyone will stop by and check it out and let us know if there's anything we can do to improve and be a place where people enjoy meeting and discussing the topic of polygamy.

Best Regards,

WWW.SisterWives.Net Administrator

My guess about the "strange" profiles appearance and removal

I was in the chat the other night when you both were talking about this site. I looked at it that night and then again today, after reading your comments. I don't know for sure what has happened to the single women's profiles that seemed suspicious, but my guess from reading the post from the person that created the site and some of the informational posts on the site. Is that they haven’t gotten all the bugs and problems of the site worked out yet, they also said they were using some kind of dating site software as a template for the site, that said with it being software package it could have had pre-made “dummy” accounts loaded in it, and for some reason probably by accident they didn’t get them removed till someone noticed and commented on them. I have seen many different types of software programs that have dummy accts on them and most of time they can be deactivated later on but in the beginning they can serve a purpose in helping to learn how to navigate and use all the programs featured within the software. Having said these things I am not trying to minimize or say theses concerns are unfounded, but I just have a different perspective as to why these profiles might have been on the site.

I hope what I have said here makes sense to those that read it, I also have tried to check what I have said for grammar, spelling, and clarity, I think it is fine and understandable, but I’m a mom with new twins at home (so I might clouded by “baby brain”), so my thinking might not be 100% accurate, and my husband is at work so I can’t ask him to check this, so please be understanding.

I’m also not associated with the people who created this site; I also to my knowledge have never spoken with them online.

Thank you

Thank you Jane,

Yes everything you said was clear and well written. Your theory does make sense and after checking into what you wrote it can quite possibly be what happened there. I would like to thank you for your information, it makes me feel a little better about the site.

I find it odd this new site

I find it odd this new site the majority of the members are from 3 places and all appear to be saME age that come from the same place. All the singles are 18 or 19 or 35 or 36. I wish someone would explain how come none of the single members seem to have been to any of the other Polygamy sites out there. Almost all the members joined on november 23 yet it saYS on most profiles havent been active in last month or recently. I am very leery of whats up with this new site myself.
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even odder

Now things seem to be as they should be. I noticed that all of those accounts from those three cities are gone. So what was up with all of those accounts and why did they disappear. I'm still leery and would like to know what was up.

The owner of the site said

The owner of the site said that they were just dummy accounts and they have been removed by him. Jane was correct because the owner told me they came with the program.
I like your Christ
I do not like your Christians
They are so unlike your Christ


That site is packed with fakes. Most are one liners with no real profile, but there are a few outright scammers, such as "Wendy" in FL, who is still there..more coming every week

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