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Allow Polygamy--Cognac importer has two wives (Norway)

I followed a link on another site, and came across the following story, about norwegian cognac importer Jon Bertelsen, who is living with two women. He has received the blessing of the head of one of their political groups, who want a change in the law regarding marriage. Click on to bring up a Google translation:

Vil tillate polygami - P4 Radio Hele Norge
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1. feb 2008 ... Det handler om fri kjærlighet, mener partiet som vil tillate polygami - ekteskap med flere enn en. - Cached - Similar

Vil tillate polygami (norwegian cognac importer has two wives)

Allow polygamy

Text: Maria Røbech Lillebo
P4 Photo: Maria Lillebo / P4
Date: 01.02.2008 13:47 Updated: 01.02.2008 15:05
P4 (Oslo):

- It's all about free love, believes the party will allow polygamy - marriage to more than one.

Youth Party believes the current marriage and partnership law must be replaced with a new common law that is neutral in relation to gender and how many you can marry.

Leader Anne Solsvik says it is not correct that the state should interfere in people's love and shows that there are such cohabitation in Norway today:

Free love
For the Young Liberals is this about free love, and I refer to an example from the more recently from Troms, where a man lives happily with two women.

It is these forms of cohabitation, and marriage with multiple spouses, the party believes it will be up to each individual to choose. In several African countries and tribes polygamy has been a long tradition that many have tried to combat because it discriminates against women. Solsvik is not worried that this will contribute to further oppression of women.

Women's Liberation is a still a fanesak several places in the world, even among liberals, but it does not justify that the government should step in and regulate the lives of those who want to have this life-form, "says Anne Solsvik to P4.

The example Solsvik referring to is the love affair between two cousins and a man from SenjaRecently presented the P4 an extensive interview and your meeting with Cognac-importer Jon Bertelsen (36), who loves and lives with two women: his wife Annika (35) and her partner Suzanne (20) (pictured).

Living with two women
It is against Norwegian law to enter into legal marriage with two simultaneous, but the three remain within the boundaries since it is not illegal to live with two. It is the legal marriage law of the Young West now wants to change.

Jon, Anikka and Suzanne tells of a relationship without jealousy, and NOK love for al lJon and Anikka are young lovers, and have been married for eight years, but a year ago invited Annika 20 year old Suzanne into their lives.

According to Annika felt she was not the fifteen years younger Suzanne as a threat. For it was the relationship between her and her husband too much. To formalize its relationship with Suzanne - and to proclaim his love for her - they invited to a wedding-like ceremony in JanuaryAnnika was Suzannes "best man", and both women have chosen Bertelsen as a surname.

Follow the heart
This relationship had not been developed had it not been for the open relationship Anikka and I had. Here, there has been full confidence. All the way it has been the go-ahead from all parties because we saw that this was good. If we were to prevent this would be it because of the outside world, not us. When we are talking about something so deep and intense as the love so I think you first of all must take account of themselves, "says Jon Berthelsen to P4.

Although they face many prejudices, have family and most friends have chosen to respect the way the three have chosen to live on.
"It's our choice to put ourselves in this situation. But I do not think you think of the advantages or disadvantages when you go into something like that, then follows the course of feelings and his heart. Here we are three people who have followed our convictions.Then we take the noise disks that may result from it can be more complicated to be three but to be two," says Jon Berthelsen to P4.
(Translation done via Google)