HBO takes on a polygamist's marriage in its latest series. Meet the family.

By Marc Peyser

Dec. 26, 2005 - Jan 2, 2006 issue

"Big Love" is only peripherally about sex. The Henricksons are devoutly religious and wholesome (they are not Mormons, but an unspecified offshoot). Most of the action focuses on how Bill, who owns home-improvement stores in Utah, handles the mundane aspects of his overpopulated life.

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Utah Professor Among Potential Supreme Court Nominees

"McConnell even questioned the 1878 Supreme Court decision that struck down polygamy as then practiced by the mainstream Mormon church. He suggested it was unfair to prosecute a polygamist for his religious beliefs when others can have "a bunch of serial relationships outside of marriage.""

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Just give polygamy a chance

I would like to respond to the Jan. 19 article in the Salt Lake Tribune by Kirsten Stewart.
Sen. Ron Allen's attempt to dispel the notion that polygamy is harmless or worse, "a laughing matter," looks like a case of "the pot calling the kettle black."
Admit it, Senator. If someone could compile the stories of women who have "escaped" abusive situations in monogamy it would fill whole libraries, not just a few books. The risk of suffering harm in a polygamous marriage is no greater than in a monogamous marriage.
- Marlyne Hammon

Polygamy Defended - AP Newswire

SALT LAKE CITY Jan 22, 2005 - A Republican state lawmaker countered a Senate colleague's dispersal of an anti-polygamy book by passing out materials to fellow legislators defending the practice as natural and not necessarily harmful.

State Sen. Carlene Walker said she was offended by the book, "God's Brothel," that Democratic Senate Minority Whip Ron Allen distributed to legislators Tuesday.

Walker said she has known polygamists who are "fine, honest, educated, wonderful people."

"To characterize the whole polygamy community as abusive to children and the welfare system is inaccurate," she said.

Polygamy News

Information and knowledge are powerful. Most of society is misinformed and/or misled concerning Polygamy. While there are the occasional infractions against innocent people, the same can be said for all areas of life. Bad things happen every day in every walk of life. All one has to do is look at the statistics of abuse in both monogamous and single family households. The problem isn't the institutions, it's the people.

Please take the time to check out the self-updating Polygamy related news stories links on the site. There are new stories every day. Some will be visibly anti-polygamy. Some will have insight. Some will be pro-polygamy. Become informed. Make your own decisions. If you see an imbalance, get involved.

Libertarian Stance on Marriage

The official site of the Libertarian Party posted this article recently. Libertarians oppose government involvement in marriage
Definitely worth a read!

It has also been brough to my attention that HBO will be airing a drama that follows the daily life of a polygamist and his relationship with 3 wives. It will be called "Big Love" and is being produced by Tom Hank's Playtone Productions. Read More Here


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