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What is Polygamy? Please feel free to add your thoughts.... also to the next post "Why Polygamy?"

One of the most frequently asked questions on our forums and in the chat room on a daily basis is..... What is Polygamy?

Technically Polygamy means more than one spouse. Literally translated from Greek "polys gamos" meant "often married"

The term polygamy then covers both polygyny and polyandry.

Polygyny - A man with more than one wife. This is the most common meaning of the word Polygamy and is also called Plural Marriage.

SL Trib Opinion ~ A Beautiful Write From 1977 about Rulon Allred


Dancing with the prophet of polygamy


By sylvia kronstadt

First published Aug 12 2011 11:25PM
Updated Aug 12, 2011 11:25PM

I have found myself in numerous unusual situations over the years (oops, I did it again), but one of the most memorable was the time I spent in the arms of Rulon C. Allred, the prophet and spiritual leader of an estimated 10,000 Mormon polygamists in the U.S. and Mexico.

No, we were not in the throes of “replenishing the Earth,” as Dr. Allred, a homeopathic physician, regularly reminded his flock to do “with vigor, pleasure and the love of God.”

We were dancing.

Finally A Positive Book About Polygamy ~ Love Times Three by The Darger Family


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Could not have said this any better, so from their Facebook page:

"Readers of Carolyn Jessop’s Escape, Elissa Wall’s Stolen Innocence, and James McGreevey’s Confession, as well as fans of shows like Big Love and Sister Wives, will be enthralled by this groundbreaking book about a successful plural marriage.

Now available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and wherever books are sold."


(click through and read the biographies at the end of the article!)

1900 Ends the Indian Practice of Polygamy


1900 Ends the Indian Practice of Polygamy.

This article is found in the August 10th , 1900 issue of the McKean
Democrat newspaper of Smethton, Pennsylvania, was first from the
Chicago Record and furnished by their Wichita, Kansas
corresopondent. It is titled, " Indians are Induced to Stop Practice
of Polygamy". " Old Bucks Choose Oldest Wives".
Last week was a hard one for the old men of the Kiowa, Comanche and
Apache tribes. The old men had to give up all their wives but one.
Some of the medicine chiefs had as many as ten women they called
wives. All but one are living other places than the old bucks tepee
When the law was passed to open for settlement the Kiowa, Comanche
and Apache Reservation, it was decided that these Indians should be

Pleas of Israeli women lead group to call for polygamy's return



Advocates for lifting a 1,000-year-old ban on polygamy say it's an issue of national survival and a way to handle a surplus of single women.

The call for lifting the ban came in the form of an ad in last weekend's Shabbat Beshabato, a weekly religious guide widely distributed in Israeli synagogues. The Jerusalem Post reports that the small ad, placed by a group called Habayit Hayehudi Hashalem (The Complete Jewish Household), advocates polygamy as the Jewish solution to the Arab demographic threat, a surplus of single women and male infidelity.

Covered in The New York Times - the Sister Wives Brown Family Plans Lawsuit to Decriminalize Polygamy



Polygamist, Under Scrutiny in Utah, Plans Suit to Challenge Law
Published: July 11, 2011

Kody Brown is a proud polygamist, and a relatively famous one. Now Mr. Brown, his four wives and 16 children and stepchildren are going to court to keep from being punished for it.

The family is the focus of a reality TV show, “Sister Wives,” that first appeared in 2010. Law enforcement officials in the Browns’ home state, Utah, announced soon after the show began that the family was under investigation for violating the state law prohibiting polygamy.

On Wednesday, the Browns are expected to file a lawsuit to challenge the Utah law that makes polygamy illegal.

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Upbeat Article About Why Polygamy Just Ain't So Bad ~ Great Read


Stumbled across this article this afternoon and what a blast of fresh air and honesty!


A bittersweet goodbye to my beloved co-wife.
By Chris Sansbury | Email the author | May 25, 2011

Ahhhh, polygamists: scary old white men marrying dozens and dozens of 13-year-old sisters or… Bin Laden.

I’m starting to think we are brainwashed to believe polygamy is a creepy thing. (Not sure who is brainwashing us. Not men, I wouldn’t think, but who?) It has been practiced for millions of years and not just by sickos. I have the read the Bible, thank you very much, and quite a few of those revered guys had multiple wives.

British Columbia Supreme Court Judge Deliberating Decriminalizing Polygamy in Canada


Good Overview of Canadian Case:


he fate of Canada's 121-year-old ban on polygamy is in the hands of a B.C. judge, after months of landmark hearings wrapped up Friday.

But whatever the court ultimately decides, the hearings also revealed allegations of child trafficking and abuse that could result in criminal charges regardless of what happens to the polygamy law.

B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Bauman spent several months hearing testimony and legal arguments about whether the prohibition on multiple marriage is constitutional, and much of the case focused on allegations of abuse in the small religious commune of Bountiful, B.C.

Against The Law?


I may not agree with this lifestyle, but, they (Sister Wives) are NOT breaking the law. Polygamy seems to me to be a choice. You can only be legally married to one woman. If you choose to live with three others that is your business. Why is this considered to be against the law? It is not bigamy. Again, NOT BIGAMY. Just sayin'.


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